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Porsche Zero 964 Kit

Whats Included In the Kit

Drive System – Tesla Large Drive Unit

Tesla large drive unit as found in the performance version of the Model S.
Enhanced with a ground up designed control board allowing endless
adjustment to unlock the setups full potential.
The drive unit contains a 3 phase AC motor, motor controller, reduction
and Quaife ATB differential.

Battery Packs – Calb

Pre-built Battery packs ready for installation

53Kwh battery pack with usable volume of 50Kwh giving 350v
nominal and peak of 1200 amps. Battery formation
of 3p96s prismatic cells. Controlled and monitored by an Orion battery
management system with advanced temperature control system.

Charging System – 6.6kw

Standardly equipped with an air cooled 6.6kw charger capable of
charging up to 25 miles per hour utilising a 32amp supply

Display – Bespoke 5 Gauge Cluster

Maintaining the original design developed by Zero EV and produced by
Speed Hut.

Only vital information is displayed to keep the focus on
driving experience.

Heating & Aircon – Classic Retrofit

Highest quality & most reliable HVAC system ever fitted
to the 964.

Giving improved cooling & heating over the original.

Control Systems – Low and High Voltage

All required low and high voltage control systems complete with preterminated looms are supplied for a plug and play solution.

Fast Charging – CCS

CCS2 – DC Fast Charging 0 – 80% 1 Hour

CCS1 – In Devolpement For Q4 2021.

Warranty – Piece of Mind

1 Year limited mileage warranty,
Covering Drive train and electrical components.